Writer, Tarot, Reiki, Horse Teacher

My work is based around the hearth and home, within walking distance of an old 7th century Saxon chapel ~ St Peters on the Wall. Most days you will find me there, if not inside, roaming around and beyond to the beach behind it.
The chapel inspires me to create in ways that reflect the spirit of place and the land cries out to be heard…always.
This inspiration that I find in my daily wanderings and wonderings, filters through in some way, shape or form into all my work. In song or story, through words and music, in my teaching and readings… is the magic of my home.
And for that, I am ever grateful.


I am a reader, writer and teacher of the Tarot as a pathway to healing and empowerment. I give readings in person, by phone or email/skype.

If you are feeling unclear or fearful about your life for any reason – a reading can help you. If you would like to learn how to read the Tarot for yourself and others – a workshop or a course will move you in that direction.

Booking a Tarot Reading

Select the reading of your choice from the Readings Page which you can purchase securely through PayPal. Once payment is done we can make arrangements to suit both of us. I can normally accommodate within a 24hr period.


I run half day (3-4hrs) spiritual workshops on a variety of subjects from my home in Bradwell on Sea, Essex. For any number less than three, the Treehouse – a magical place at the bottom of my garden – is the perfect venue!


I am a Reiki master spiritual practitioner and offer I hour sessions on a one to one basis.
Crystal Reiki is a gentle non-invasive therapy using crystals to reduce stress and re-balance the energy of mind and body.


I am a British Horse Society Intermediate Teacher with over thirty five years experience and freelance in the Dengie area.

Group or private lessons with your own animal, including competition and exam help. I work with horse and rider to eliminate fear and develop confidence for greater harmony and enjoyment.

Writer and Singer

All my writing is original work – from the stories and the songs, to course manuals, workshop handouts and oracle guide books.
I make it all up.  
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve written in some way, shape or form: poems and letters in earlier years, stories and songs later on… And if others enjoy my writing, whatever the format, as much as I enjoy creating it – my heart sings a bit louder.
Writing makes me happy, literally. If I’m not creating, I’m a bit of a nightmare… ask the husband. We create together with our band and love getting out playing, recording and filming with some very talented musicians who are great friends of ours.
Creating on your own is good but with others it’s even better! I love being in Morrigans Path, we have a lot of fun.

I collaborated with my sister Tania to create The Magic of Nature Oracle > www.themagicofnatureoracle.com < – another labour of love but fun to do. The oracle is an extension of my spiritual and healing work and I thoroughly enjoyed writing the guide book to the cards. They are a handy road map for the journey of life.

Witch lit arrived when Minerva appeared out of the woodwork and wormed her way into that first book, The Madness & the Magic

I wrote it to cheer myself up under the influence of murderous tendencies and other peculiar horrors. It was the perfect remedy for a mid-life crisis.
Despite her craziness, Minerva does weave a certain kind of magic of her own…but don’t tell her I said that. She was a handful in the first story, there’s no telling what she’ll get up to in the sequel, out early next year!

Meanwhile, I’m currently writing a collection of short stories to go with each song from Beyond the Veil – the latest Morrigans Path album. Two of those stories I’m giving away with every newsletter sign-up which I’m planning to create in video format, and if the techno gods are kind, will be fun to do.
Fingers crossed.

For a heads up, here are the two songs:


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