The Minoan Tarot by Laura Perry, is one of those rare gifts to the world of divination. Not only is this a beautiful card deck to drool over for the tarotholics among us, but also a fully comprehensive and colour illustrated guide book to go with them.

Both cards and book were created by artist and author, Laura Perry, adding to their appeal as both magical tool and vision of loveliness and clearly demonstrating how a labour of love can be worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears in its creation. To see the Minoan Tarot in its lovely glossy box with accompanying book is obvious that the time, talent and effort involved in such a quality production (Schiffer) will not be lost on any reader and student of the magical arts.
They are stunning.
And what’s more, they are tactile and easy to handle as described by one of my own students.
And they really are. As well as gorgeous to look at, shuffling with these glossy cards ensures all magical operations run smoothly, literally.

With so many different tarot themes in today’s market place, the Minoans of Bronze Age Crete is a refreshing change. Laura Perry’s passion for her subject shines through not only in her colourful portrayal of imagery, inspired by frescoes and other items found in the ruins of Ancient Crete, but also in her depth of knowledge on Minoan spirituality.
The attention to detail about all things Minoan is an educational experience in itself and from such an expert in the field, both student and reader will learn much from Laura Perry and her rich and vibrant interpretation of this ancient civilization.

The Major Arcana is based on the standard 22 cards with the inclusion of the Adept, the Labyrinth, Fate, Sacrifice and the Minotaur transposing the spirit of the Minoans to those archetypal energies in particular. The well structured text explains the individual artwork and the concepts within the symbolism, including the appearance of Linear B signs – an ancient Greek writing system – on every card.
An upright and reversed meaning follows with a concluding summary of each stage of the Fool’s Journey, the spiritual evolution for each soul.
The Minor Arcana is symbolised by the suits of Daggers-Fire, Rhytons-Water, Labrys-Air and Horns-Earth ranging from Ace to Priestess and the elemental journey symbolism for each.
Three card spreads explained with diagrams include the Labyrinth layout for deep insight and clarity, the popular Celtic Cross and the Yin Yang spread for balance of energies so important to the Minoan culture.
I have been working with the cards for a while now and getting to know them has been a joy. Each time they have resonated and accurately reflected where I am in life…
Today I picked the Labyrinth, Sacrifice and the Three of Rhytons which make total sense!

Any oracle or divination tool will focus on the development of personal growth and the making conscious of the unseen, but there are some better and sharper ones in the box than others. Granted, it is the workman behind the tool who makes the ultimate difference but with a quality tool, the work is much easier and the job always a more enjoyable one.
The Minoan Tarot falls into this category.
It is a quality tool reflecting skilled and experienced workmanship. One who knows their craft.
Laura Perry has created a thing of inspiration and beauty on many levels. I am so glad she has done what all good artists are compelled to do…and shared her talent and gift with the world.
The labour was well worth it.
I love this deck.

Highly recommended.
For more info about Laura and to buy your own deck – visit here:

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