Been practicing?
Good. Now you’re ready to meet Bear, she’s been waiting for you. If you haven’t, don’t kid yourself and don’t expect her to show up until you’ve done the work – ditched the excuses and found the time.
If you really want to be self-reliant and access guidance for your life, you’ll do it. It’s as simple as that.
Journeying is about being independent. You are a free spirit. You don’t need to rely on the advice of others – it’s all there right inside you.

Now you have created the space and time where you are in the silence at the mouth of the cave it must be said that everyone has their own experience; Bear will show up differently for each person.
But there are similarities in the teachings…

The need to retreat has brought you to the cave itself and what better guide than the Primal Mother – she who protects us from all harm, not only from outside influences but also from the harm we do to ourselves.

From the Inside

It’s the internal negative dialogue we have with ourselves which drains our energy and chips away at our self confidence.
This in turn becomes negative self-talk and only empowers feelings of lack and not good enough. Self doubt can become a crippling state of mind if you become attached to it.
If this applies to you, you’re not alone. Calling on Bear will restore the faith you thought was lost – it did not go anywhere.
She helps you to remember your own magical nature. This is not about developing something that isn’t there, but re-discovering what has always been there…there’s a difference.

Bear reassures.
She holds you like a mother does, unconditionally and without judgement. Nothing you have done or will do is wrong or likely to be. You can relax and settle into her embrace and find comfort there.
This is why the darkness is a great facilitator of discovery because with Bear as our guide there is nothing to fear.
She helps to dig in deep and face the shadow side of ourselves with great courage.

From the Outside

The food we eat, the company we keep and the environments we live in all add up to the external influences which affect us. The power of choice is always there and Bear helps us to discern what is good for us, to sort the wheat from the chaff and directs us to live from a state of wholeness and balance.
True self-awareness is your protection.

Conserving Energy

Good quality sleep and taking enough rest is crucial to your well-being.
Self containment can be a challenge in a society where we are constantly encouraged to share every part of ourselves. It’s not always a good thing to put yourself out there constantly and the pressure to keep doing so can be wearing. Knowing when to pull back, centre and ground yourself is fundamental to your sanity and health on all levels.
Saying no when you’re used to saying yes can be a tough lesson, but without healthy boundaries you are laying yourself open to those who will drain your time and energy.  

You want to strengthen and free your mind and body to be more creative?

Practice saying NO.  

Bear will teach you this.
Integrating this primal power with your intuition will happen naturally the more time you spend in the cave.

Ask questions, listen for the answers… Be open and patient and they will come. The silence is important to start with but when Bear is showing up consistently…a drum beat can take you deeper into the journey.
Record what happens, write it down. And in time, if you commit to the practice you will begin to understand it. You will begin to realize that the cave is an important place to be, that the darkness is nothing to fear and that you have everything to gain from its magic.

The earth is calling you to return.


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