The Witch knows that the Craft is a way and means of expressing who she really is. It is a path which leads to her true and magical nature – a road map for her Soul.
With so many different traditions, attitudes and beliefs in the Craft, it’s easy to get confused about which path is the right one for you. Should you have studied to the nth degree, joined secret societies or sworn fearful oaths to be accepted into the Craft, to call yourself  Witch?

The magic of nature is for all.

Be wary of anything that seeks to separate – the lofty sounding status is the territory of the ego. Of course, there will always be teachers who can guide us, but ultimately we must learn from our own personal experiences of life itself – earthly and unearthly – and the magical path is no exception.

Creative Potential
To create, we need good, solid foundations and a structured framework to build on and with the right conditions; we will grow…
In the Craft, we have the great female trinity of Maiden, Mother and Crone to guide us and we are fortunate that this celestial body of energies associates itself so well with our own earthly body. We identify easily with this connection as we ourselves change and wax and wane, just like the moon. And it is not difficult to see how and why our ancestors looked upon the female form as sacred, for she was the giver of life, just like the earth, and was revered and honoured as such.

It is no wonder the Witch has been vilified and demeaned over time… a woman’s power is great and now more than ever we need to remember that. We need to nurture and guide our maidens and tell them how gorgeous they are on the inside instead of placing so much emphasis on outer appearances.

So many young girls now are suffering needlessly and growing up with little or no confidence in themselves because they have been brain-washed in the mainstream by a society that relies on the image conscious to fuel its flames.
But it will not last.
Just as a fire will die without air to breathe so will the fat cats choke on their own gluttony and lack of integrity. They will not get away with it forever while the universe extends her law of return to all.
What goes around comes around.

Choosing to walk a magical path can really help to inspire and empower women of all ages. Once a woman names herself Witch and understands truly its meaning, she has called upon the powers of the celestial bodies, the earth, the ancestors and indeed all of nature to guide her on her magical journey in life.
And with so much support all around her how can she not be brave and adventurous? How can she not move towards wholeness and balance and learn to protect and heal herself? And with this help – the guiding hand of Mother Nature – she will work on her own development, digging deep within and observe and participate fully in the ways of the Craft… travelling well and creating a magical life.
She chooses well.

Out of the Woodwork
I find it interesting that there are many women in their middle years and onwards who are discovering the Witch inside.
Her presence does not go unheeded.
I have come across a number of these women who have resisted naming themselves until now because of fear or shame. Fear of being ridiculed, misunderstood – punished even! It both saddens and inspires me because these are the women who have waited for whatever reason, they are stronger than they have ever been and are ready now more than ever to wear the mantle of Witch.
It doesn’t matter one bit if they don’t know all the names of the Gods and Goddesses, what order the sabbats are in or if they possess a long velvet cloak or not; they will learn quickly enough and anyway, they have more than likely been practicing magic quite naturally for most of their lives!
Chances are they are involved in some way, with the timeless arts of the Craft. Be it in a healing capacity (many Witches are carers, nurses, counsellors and mid-wives to name but a few), animal husbandry, earth centred (gardening, farming, herbalism) or maybe they are feeling the pull towards learning some kind of divination.
You can bet your broomstick, some aspect of the Craft has been calling them and slowly but surely these women are coming out of the woodwork.

Now is the time to acknowledge the Witch more than ever and with the growing number of teachers and writers on the subject, there is help for everyone. And the good thing is, everyone is different and brings their own unique individuality to the magical table. No two Pagans are the same and it’s such a huge umbrella of various traditions, practices and beliefs that anyone venturing into the territory for the first time will be spoilt for choice.
As long as people are aware of what inspires them, they will gravitate towards what resonates. Social media is a fantastic tool for advertising and more and more groups are forming and building networks and communities as a result of this ever growing platform. Moots, groups and covens are much more public now and this is a good thing for the Witch.

The Magic Within
The Witch is a creative soul and once aligned with her true path of service will naturally make her way to express her creativity. With her feet firmly grounded to the roots of the old ways, she will tread carefully, led by an ever growing awareness along the twists and turns of a path well worn by the Witches of the past. She will stumble and sometimes fall, but with an abiding faith in the Old Ones – the magical and divine source of all power – she will learn how to rise and keep going and more importantly; know why she needs to.

If we are open to the magic of our own spirit – the soul in essence – then it will guide us to believe in ourselves and to know that whatever our pathway, religion or spiritual practise, we are where we need to be. It will not let us down as long as we are able to trust in what we cannot always see and develop faith in Who. We. Are.
This is the magic which spurs us on when we think we are done, the vision that gives purpose to our lives. It’s the muse that can always be called upon to tease the imagination and express our creativity. It is the reminder of all the gifts bestowed upon us, urging us to develop those skills and share our unique talents. We can dream ourselves into being whatever we want to be and as long as we focus on that inner belief and work to ground it in our everyday life we will continue to be guided by its influence.

Magical festivals are popping up all over and the Craft is filtering through any creative channel it can find expression in. In the arts, through song and story – magic continues to seek out all those who will create new ways of connecting to the earth and her wisdom. Symbolism does not need to be fixed and indeed new traditions are evolving and pathways are being forged. We live in exciting times, with so much going on, to explore and discover…
Modern Witchcraft is thriving and will continue to do so.
The Witch lives.

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