The Way To Heaven Is On Horseback..

You could say that horses were my first love, sparking that flame of passion inside me, beginning with the butterflies I used to get the night before my weekly riding lesson.There was no other word for it, I was ‘horse mad’ and would spend every waking hour at the local stables just to be with them.

This magical time in my life lead to a career that has spanned over thirty years and has taken me across the world to Australia, the West Indies, Ireland and a good part of England.

I have worked in all sorts of yards and have gained a fair amount of experience in most fields (ouch!). From riding schools to the race track, often living on the job meant that horses became not just part of my life, they were my life.

For the past eighteen years I have been a BHS Intermediate Teacher and since settling (finally) here in Essex with a family of my own,I have free-lanced in and around the Dengie area for the last twelve years. Although somewhat diluted in my life now in comparison, horses still feature greatly.

I find that my work as a Teacher continues to be as rewarding as ever and helping to build and develop confidences in both horse and rider is a pleasure that will never wane. I strive to treat all as individuals and am always open to the ever changing learning process – it is on-going.

Also, from the holistic perspective I see these wonderful animals with Healing gifts to share on many levels. I know that I and others have reaped great benefits from their qualities and they have most certainly enriched my life in many ways.

And so the truth for me, is that in my experience the greatest Teachers and Healers will always be the horses themselves..

I remain a better person because of them and ever the eternal student!

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