Crystal Reiki and Thought Field Therapy

We are either in a state of wholeness (health) or seeking to return to it (illness) and where there is dis-ease there is energy imbalance and disorder. Healing restores order and balance to bring about harmony and wholeness. Energy based Healing is grounded in ancient tradition based on the feminine, spiritual qualities of empathy, nurture and intuition. Our ancestors of long ago understood that body, mind and spirit needed to be as one for Healing to occur. Attitudes towards health and healing are changing and people are beginning to take a more active role in their own well being, realising that the responsibility lies with themselves and the lifestyle choices they make.

There is no doubt that medical science excels at repairing broken bones, organs and using diagnostic technology and we are in-debted to the many fine, skilled men and women in this field. But where conventional (allopathic) medicine falls short is in treating chronic stress-related illnesses: migraines, irritable bowel, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety and post-trauma to name but a few. Yet these conditions respond well to a more holistic approach in the form of meditation, yoga, acupressure, reflexology, massage, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and healing touch of which there are many modalities.

These holistic therapies and natural medicines focus on the mind-body connection as both a cause and cure of illness. The emphasis being placed on the total well-being of the person – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects as inseperable and interdependent.

A physical illness doesn’t just appear out of thin air. It originates on the spiritual, psychological, or emotional plane first. Our physical (outer) bodies reflect our deeper (inner) selves and from this viewpoint illness is the physical language of the psyche (soul).

Spiritual Healing touches the soul, and the effects of this process is not always curative but will ease pain and restore balance with emotional strengh, peace of mind and acceptance of what is.

The Healing energy is an intelligent directive, the creative life force of the universe which knows what is best for the person receiving the healing and will work for the soul’s highest good. Fundamentally and quite simply, Healing is about Love.

I am a registered Spiritual Healer with the Spiritual Worker’s Association (SWA) and trained as a Reiki Master (with my good friend and wonderful teacher Jules Gibson-Cranch: see links). I have also trained in Thought Field Therapy which is extremely effective for removing negative emotions in fear based conditions. I have also trained in Crystal Healing ( with the very lovely and learned Jenny McClean: see links).

I offer individual treatments of any of the above modalities and/or a combination of two which work well together; ie Reiki and Crystal energies blend well as does the TFT with Spiritual Healing. With each treatment I work with my Angel cards to enhance and support the Healing process. The Celestial realms in my experience, house the purest beings of Light and Love.

Words do them no justice.

It remains to be said that personally, I feel that Healing Energy is connected to the one source, the Creator of all, who or whatever we perceive that to be. The difference is in the attunement to a specific frequency of vibration brought about by each method, providing a point of focus for the Healer to work with.

Energy follows thought and with this in mind it is wise to guard our thinking and to focus on the highest ideals and the best of loving intentions towards ourselves and others as much as we can.

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