Soul Journey Circle

Monthly-7pm-Bradwell ~ £5 per person

Consisting of group meditation/journeying, connecting with guides and each other on a spiritual level. This is not a course, it is a development circle – we sit for Spirit and will be guided as such – working in whatever way we need to for the guidance, healing & development of theSoul. My role as facilitator will be to hold the group energy – Spirit will be teaching us – and oversee. We will work with other tools as well ~ after all it seems rather rude not to include the cards ~ crystals, candles, herbs etc.

Whatever we give our attention to - grows.

Commitment & dedication to our own spiritual development brings balance and healing to mind, body and spirit.

My intention for this circle, is that you will:

  • Develop a stronger connection to Spirit and your guides in the inner realms.
  • Gain more of an understanding of your soul’s purpose and how to fulfil its potential in this life.
  • Recognise your own unique gifts of the Spirit.
    Learn to recognise the difference between the lower, the higher self and the ego.
  • Learn to tune into your intuitive and Magical Nature and integrate it into your everyday life.
  • Understand the importance of meditation and journeying as a spiritual discipline.
  • Work with different tools.
    …and because Spirit have a sense of humour – have fun!

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