Magic of Nature Oracle

The Magic of Nature Oracle

The Magic of Nature is a vibrant and unique oracle deck of 39 cards based on the animals, birds, trees and seasons of British wildlife. The cards make a useful addition to any spiritual worker’s tool kit, helping to free the mind, heal the body and ground the spirit into every day living.
The beauty of the cards is in their simplicity, making them easy to use for the beginner and experienced reader alike, while the accompanying guide book reflects an earth-centred spirituality aimed to resonate at soul level for everyone.
Working with the oracle will help to access, develop and refine your own intuitive ability as you connect to nature as a teacher and guide. With this guidance, valuable insights can open you to greater understanding and clarity – pointing the way to healing and balance. The path of the soul is a journey like no other, ultimately leading us back to our spiritual home. The cards are signposts for that journey.

Ground your spiritual awareness
Balance your energy
Explore and fulfil your creative potential with
The Magic of Nature Oracle…

The Magic of Nature Workshop

Ground your spiritual awareness

Pathworking ~ An ancient vsualisation technique to connect with an animal guide.
Artworking ~ Tuning into your own magical nature to allow the oracle to speak uniquely through you.

Learn to integrate your soul lessons into everyday life.

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