You are far braver than you think.
When it all gets too much, when you find yourself battling again and again with those old enemies… doubt, uncertainty, indecision, worry and anxiety ~ the stinking disciples of fear ~ it’s time for the Warrior.
The battlefield can be a lonely and bloody place. Painful for many and a final resting place for some. Don’t let it be yours.
Because even in the darkest of places there is the glint of a sword raised high, ready to act.
It’s yours. Don’t fall on it.
Hold onto it.
Your sword is the most powerful tool you have to cut away anything associated with the enemy. Fear is not a god so why give it the power of one? Fuck that idea.
The gods are mighty and true and honourable. Seek them out and they’ll come. Always.
The enemy? Destroy it and make a good job while you’re at it.
Slay the bastard.
Drum it out with your great spirit.
Cast it away with your voice.
Chant… Sing… Scream!
Kill the traitor.

Reduce it to the lifeless piece of shit it really is.
Until it breaks down into nothingness…back to where it came from…nothing.
Because nothing created it. Because it wasn’t worth it. It wasn’t REAL.
It never was.
And it never will be again.
Now raise your sword, Warrior.
You did that.
Imagination. Skill. Courage. Strength.
And not a wound in sight.
What a Victory.

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