Black Dogs and Broomsticks

Lady Crow was Minerva’s favourite auntie. She wasn’t a proper lady but that didn’t matter at all to Minerva, who wasn’t bothered about such minor details. What mattered to her was the fact that she was better company than most at a time in her life when everyone seemed to be against her.

Find out what happens next…

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I’m glad you’re here. Have a look around and a listen and you might find something which resonates on some level.
If you like stories about the magical and mystical side of life as well as the mundane and ridiculous…Minerva might tickle your fancy in The Madness and the Magic.
Or if you’re drawn to the spiritual, the Magic of Nature Oracle will come in handy.
And if you like magical lyrics with soulful melodies, earthy rhythms and groovy beats then look no further… Morrigans Path at your service!
I write stories, songs and spiritual non-fiction.
Take your pick.

My Latest Blog Articles

An Interview with Indie Author Steve Moore

I met Steve back in Dec 2016 at a filming testimonial for Mark Dawson's Self Publishing 101 course. As a result of that day in London we've been hovering around in the same online (student) groups ever since and I'm pleased to introduce this up and coming...

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The Magic of Darkness part 2

Been practicing? Good. Now you’re ready to meet Bear, she’s been waiting for you. If you haven’t, don’t kid yourself and don’t expect her to show up until you’ve done the work – ditched the excuses and found the time. If you really want to be self-reliant and access...

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The Magic of Darkness: Part 1

Darkness is a part of life. It’s natural. Day becomes night, the seasons turn and nature takes a breather…she slows down, lies dormant for a while. She rests. Sound familiar? Of course it does, because like the earth, we feel it too, in our bodies. There is a call to...

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Better thing to do

by Morrigans Path | Beyond the Veil

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